Scope and Topics

Innovation in Mechanical and Thermal Systems
Renewable energy
Energy conversion
Mechanical System Engineering
Machine construction
Vibration and control
Production system and technology
Production logistics and transportation
Materials Engineering
Nano technology

Innovation in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems
Production Planning and Inventory Control
Ergonomic and Work Study
Product Design and Development
Supply Chain and Logistics
Optimization and Mathematical Modeling
Information System
Manufacturing Facility Design
Financial and Asset Management
Industrial Policy Study
Maintenance System
Green Manufacturing
Sustainable Manufacturing
Industrial Revolution 4.0

Innovation in Environmental Engineering
Water and Wastewater Quality
Solid Waste Management
Air Pollution Control
Environmental Health
Environmental Modeling
Environmental Management
Water Resources Management
Occupational Health and Safety

Innovation Civil Engineering Solutions
Material and structure
Water resource engineering
Project management
Disaster management

Innovation in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Smart grid and control
Business and Renewable energy
High Voltage engineering
Energy Conversion Systems
Power System analysis
Battery and Energy storage
Electrical transportation
Brain Machine Interface
Control Theory and Applications
System and Information
Communication Engineering
Internet of Things


Computer Science & Engineering

Artificial intelligence
Computer Software and aplication
Data mining & big data
Image processing
Computer security
Crypthography and Steganography
Machine learning
Natural network
GIS and computer science
Imformation techonology & engineering related



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