Exhibitions and Public Lectures by Mr. Teddy Boen

Date : 26-27 September 2019

Exhibitions and Public Lectures by Mr. Teddy Boen (85 years), Father of the Indonesia Earthquake
Against Forgetting
Direct Testimony and Lesson Learnt

Teddy Boen 

Teddy Boen was the Indonesia earthquake experts that still active today in the age of 85 years. Most of his life was dedicated to observe, learn, and find a solution to the earthquake problems since he was sent first to Japan to learn earthquake in 1962 after graduating from ITB. His main concern is the public housing (non-engineered house) which killed a lot of its inhabitants since it was not designed properly. He also was a staff member of  University of Indonesia and University of Tri Sakti.
The Exhibition will present his documentation from his visit to the location of the earthquake in Indonesia within 50 years, including lesson learn from each event. In the Exhibitions and Public Lectures, he will also be given a Life-Achievement Award by the Association of Earthquake Engineering Expert Indonesia (AARGI) as his dedication and contribution to the development of earthquake engineering in Indonesia. Testimony from colleagues and former students are also will be presented.

4th ICEEDM is organised by Andalas University, Institut Teknologi Bandung, and AARGI. Email: iceedm[at]eng.unand.ac.id